Sunday, December 16, 2007

Crochet at Night

It's been a very busy weekend; I do hope everyone has had some fun getting in a little bit of crocheting. I know I have!

Enjoy this little video Mr. Dee shot of me this evening as I finally gave the "Needle Lite" crochet hook I purchased this past summer  it's first test drive.  I got the hook at the Vendor's Market during the National CGOA Conference that was held in New Hampshire:

Crochet at Night

Unlike the Clover Light Crochet Hook, there is no boxy handle and nearly the entire hook lights up -- enough light to work on a Chemo Cap for my CGOA Chapter's charity drive. I like the body shape (it's long with no thumb rest!). It does tend to "stick" a little; it is an acrylic hook and I'm using cotton. It may slide better with a different yarn, so I'll go back to playing with -- crocheting at night! :)


Anonymous said...

Left a comment on the video.  These look cool!  Yes, the acrylic hooks take a bit of getting used to.

Is that a clock ticking in the background of the video???

Thanks for sharing, Dee!  Thank Mr. Dee too!

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Dear Dee,
 Enjoyed watching your video-- you should have added some music or done a little talking -- but it was great watching your hands  !!!! Like old times !!!
  I purchased a Clover Lite -Up Hook awhile ago to crochet at night for when i couldn't sleep .  That way i wouldn't wake up my hubby.  
It is a little thicker i think.  
  Went to see a movie with too much violence this Saturday and took my crochet to keep me calm.  What a difference . It is so soothing. The hook comes in handy.