Friday, December 7, 2007

Guest Blogger: Mini~Dee

Mom has been busy, squeeking out, as she says, another hat, scarf, and mitten set that our CGOA Chapter will be donating later today.  She said the mittens are easy to make and that after the holidays she'll show me.  She got the pattern here.

Today we're expecting freezing rain and maybe some snow, so I think we'll have recess inside.  That's OK with me because I have been bringing my crochet with me to school.  I am currently working on a felted bag kit.  I got it in the Chapter's Grab Bag during the anniversary that was held at Margaret's house.  I love the colors. Yellow, blue and purple.  The kids in my class like my project so far.  They're pretty excited to watch it grow. 

I was working on my bag yesterday when all of a sudden one of our teachers got sick and had to go to the hospital.  I hope she's OK.  She's the teacher in charge of decorating the school tree.  Since we don't know when she'll be coming back, my class was asked to help with creating the decorations for the tree.  I was asked to crochet a wreath.  So tonight after school (after we drop off all the stuff for the Salvation Army) Mom and I will search the Internet to see if there are any patterns and then I'll go shopping in Mom's yarn stash.  She has a lot of pretty yarns.  If you have a favorite wreath pattern, will you tell me?  I want it to come out pretty.  If it does then I'll make two, one for the sick teacher too.



Anonymous said...

Mini Dee, Your doing a great job helping out your mom. I looked for a wreath pattern that I have done but could not locate a pattern But here is a site that has several wreath patterns that may help you out. Enjoy!
Gods Blessings, Sherri

Anonymous said...

Let us know what pattern you decide on, mini-Dee. :-) Thanks for the mitten pattern. I have never made a mitten, but I am going to sit down right now with this pattern and see if I can do it.