Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Doggie Christmas

I have to laugh as it seems this Christmas was very "doggie" themed, starting with the three little sweaters, rather turtlenecks, I crocheted upon request "at the last minute."

I used Vanna White's new yarn line. I loved working with the solid colors, but when it came time to use the varigated, I wasn't so happy; it felt "crunchy & itchy" to me. Since each little sweater only required one skein of yarn, I'm hoping that it was just the one skein that left me with that impression. Otherwise, I do like the way it looks.  (The green sweater is the one I worked on while at the Mall/Macy's this past weekend.)

... and it appears, that the doggies, pups really as this was their first Christmas, seemed to enjoy wearing them too.  (The pups were not interested in sitting still for a "pretty shot" as there were many new items for them to "check out" -- they were just as excited about Christmas as the children were!)

The owners of the pups were happy with the sweaters too -- especially when I told them they are machine washable & dryable; that's the beauty with using an acrylic based yarn.   

My children received little TY Beanie Babie pups from Santa  -- perhaps they will need little crocheted doggie turtlenecks too? 

*A note about the pattern: I designed/crocheted the sweaters myself; the pattern is not available at this time.

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Anonymous said...

OMG :) Alison will be so excited to see the dog sweaters as she too has a yorkie :) I forgot to give you my email.....  so we can keep in touch! Thanks bunches! melinda (mom to Alison)