Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Checking In ...

crocheted hats, mittens & scarves for charity I am spending the day with Dee Jr. who is home from school with an upset stomach. This means I've missed the monthly "Chain Gang of Stamford" meeting, but that's OK. There's always next month, right?

Rather than park Dee Jr. in front of the television while resting, I suggested to him we make today a "craft" day; he is game! So, while I'm working on finishing up some last minute charity projects (such as the two hat, scarf & mitten sets pictured to the left), he is working on his latch hook kit he started back in July.  We've even selected some material to make my young niece a little apron (yeah, I know what you're thinking -- "Dee sews??"  What can I say?  I dabble?)  Even though his is stomach is doing acrobatic stunts, he seems content with the quiet, discussing the many projects I have "whipped" out since the healing of my (then sprained) wrist -- and in the large dent I have made in my yarn stash.

Looking up from his latch hook he said, "Mom, I'm really proud how you kept to your New Years Resolution this year! Do you think you can repeat it for next year?"  LOL


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your journal for a couple of months - I really love it!  Thank  you.  I also love the hats you've made for charity - would you be able to direct me to the pattern for them?  Thanks so much - Have a wonderful Holiday!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dee, Fantastic work on the caps and scarves and oh yea mittens, The mittens look great can you direct me to the pattern or is it yours? Im glad you get to spend the day with your little man but sad he is sick. Gods blessings to you and yours, Sherri