Monday, December 31, 2007

Remembering the Past; Looking to the Future

I find it interesting that this day, the last day of the year, causes me, either as a willing party or not, to reflect upon what has been, and to wonder about what will be.  In other words, time has a way of marching on no matter how hard I wish it would slow down in order to savor particular moments in my life. 

Thank goodness for home videos!  Last night I let the children select one at random.  They selected "2002" and settled down for a good laugh at their silly "sock skating escapades" in the kitchen, their "box car racing" in empty holiday gift boxes, and their first moments of ever holding a crochet hook and actually making simple chain stitches.  Their voices were small and sweet; their hands tiny.  They were just too cute!  Mini~Dee was five, and Dee Jr. just three years old!

In that same home video was also evidence that our house was much larger than it is today -- my yarn stash was no where near the size it is today!  And yes, the children made special note of pointing that out to me.

So now here we are at the end of 2007.  There were many memories made this year as well, such as placing a dent in that over-grown yarn stash -- and the children taking note and congratulating me on such an accomplishment  (maybe one day I will be able to go through it all and translate all of my yarn stash into miles as Priscilla recently did!  Do I dare??).  2007 also brought me new friends, and had me say goodbye to others.  It brought me opportunites for having more of my patterns published, my first cable TV show appearance, my first column for sharing my Crochet Connections in, and seeing both of my children on the runway modeling my crochet work.  2007 will
also bring to a close the volunteer position I've held since late 2001; being the CGOA's Volunteer Email Correspondent, a job I have loved doing.

What is in store for me in 2008?  A new volunteer position within the CGOA organization, new friends, new publishing opportunities, and more.  As the saying goes, only time will tell.  :)

I wish you all sweet memories of 2007 and many wonderful fiberistic experiences for 2008.  May your celebration tonight be safe and happy, and with those you hold dear to your heart.

                                                           Happy New Year!!!!!!

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