Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Creative Touch ...

I had a fantastic Thursday this week, spending the day with my BFF Patti.  Those of you who know my crochet history, or have been long-time blog readers here, already know who she is.  For those of you who don't, Patti is the one I thank for encouraging me to enter into the professional side of crocheting; she's the one who said I'd be a "natural" at teaching crochet, and how right she was!  I love it!

So as I visited with her at her home this past Thursday, helping her wrap gifts for her family, she showed me two crochet projects she will be giving to her son, Patti Jr, and to her daughter, Mini~Patti. 

First, for her son, a huge fan of the car racing world, she used a spread sheet application to design a graph showing off his favorite Nascar car ... then she began crocheting it changing colors based upon graph she created.  It's almost done, and I think it looks absolutely fantastic!  When she's done it will be a pillow.  (She said it was fairly easy to use the spread sheet program; all you need is patience!)  She hopes to finish it on Christmas Day.  I'm thinking, based upon how fast I've seen her stitch, she'll be done way sooner than that.  :)

For Mini~Patti, a fan of puppets and Kola bears, she took several different bear patterns and mixed & matched them until she came up with just the right look -- isn't it just adorable? 

Giving gifts that were not mass-produced, but rather crafted from the heart, holds much more meaning.  And I think her kids will greatly appreciate them!  Great job, Patti!!

Update 12/23/07 12:06 PM:
  I was right; she finished her project in record time!!

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