Thursday, December 20, 2007

Getting Roped into Last Minute Projects

It's that holiday crunch time -- a time when all those "last minute" projects get suggested and the word "no" is not in the vocabulary.  Take my children as an example.  There we were, walking around our local Joann's store when they discovered bags & bags of bells.  "Mom," starts one child's inquiry, "can we make necklaces for our classmates?"

I don't know about you, but I clearly heard the word "we" and thought it would a great project for the children to do.  My part would be in helping them procure the needed materials and my involvement would be done.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

"Oh, yes, we can work as a team!" they declare.  The plan was that Dee Jr. would prestring the bells and Mini~Dee would crochet up the necklaces.  Then Dee Jr. would insert them into little ziploc baggies, stick a holiday sticker on the bag and repeat until they had 60 created.

That was the plan.

Did you know you can take the W from the word "we" and turn it upside down and it all comes right back to Me?!!

Yes.  Me.  So, although I have five last minute projects already on my hook, I had to add 45 little crochet necklaces to my list, because, as the children say, they ran out of time to complete the project. 

So We became Me.  The good news is they were just basic chains and worked up VERY fast. 

So I learned another parenting rule: the next time I hear the word "we" I'm going to know what they're really talking about is Me.

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