Saturday, April 30, 2005

Scary thoughts

I'll be making a list, checking it twice -- running around, making sure I don't forget something tomorrow, because that wouldn't be nice!  I need to finish my daughter's veil (sew on one more ribbon) ... so this means I'll need to drag out my travel ott light as my floor lamp's bulb blew.  (I did order a replacement through; they offered free priorty shipping and the bulbs were on sale.)  Plus I want to sew the label onto my bag ... that shouldn't take much time; I'll call that my "reward" if I get all my work done today.

I want to thank everyone for emailing and letting me know where I can find teddy bear tights.  I mentioned yesterday that I was going to be on the lookout for matching tights and said I'd go into it further at a later time.  But, with so many thinking that I want to put tights onto the bear, I think I should explain this now.  The reason I'm looking for tights that match the fiber I'm using to crochet up the bears is for when it comes time to stuff them.  I want to cut the tights up and use them as liners between the chinchilla and the stuffing fiber which is normally white (sometimes you can find it in black).

Doing this will help "color" the white stuffing in case any wants to show through, and it will also help keep the stuffing from squishing out from excessive hugging and washing.  So I'm on the lookout for teal and fushia colored tights for this purpose.

Now, the title of today's entry is just a tiny bit about what I have to do today, but it's more so about this ebay auction for an 1800s crocheted bedspread.  I don't know what the time limit is that ebay lets auctions be viewed (even after they're over), so be sure to check it out as soon as you can.  I can't see myself ever bidding/auctioning off such an item with such a scary history, but then again, perhaps some of you, my readers, would.  Let me know your thoughts.


Anonymous said...


If you want to email me that pic as an attachment I will run it through my software and analyze it for you.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on finding the tights.  It all makes sense now about their use!  Let us know if you find them and where.

That is a lovely bedspread.  I can't believe an heirloom like that would be handed down only to be sold.  We can't help the bad things that have happened in the past.
And perhaps the ghost is wanting the truth about the murder to come out?  Hmmmm!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Congrats on being featured again.