Friday, April 8, 2005

racing with designing ideas

I was exhausted yesterday; ended up taking a three-hour nap.  But it ended up backfiring because by time I was ready to fall asleep last night, my brain was just racing with designing ideas.  Maybe it had to do with finally taking the pictures of the supplies that were sent to me last week.  All I know is that my brain was going 900 miles an hour with no hint of slowing down, and who can sleep with that going on?  I know I can't.

So I tried my breathing technique: 

     Breathe in, feel the air filling my lungs.  Breathe out.
     {{now what if I took this fiber and mixed it with ... no, I can't think about this right now, I must sleep!}}

     Breathe in, feel the crispness of the air.  Breathe out.
     {{why don't they make the canned air they give you at the hospital nice and crisp like this? I don't like the warm air they give you at the hospital.  I wonder, does this have something to do with me being born in the winter ... no, I can't think about this right now, I must sleep!  Try counting each breath}}

     Breathe in.  Breathe out.  "One."  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  "Two."  Breathe ... 
     {{tomorrow you need to book a photographer, book a restaurant, book ... I can't think about this right now, I MUST sleep!!}}

     Breathe in, hold it, slow it down.  Breathe out. 
     {{ah, that's working!  Hush!  I'm trying to sleep!}} 

     Breathe in, slowly.  Breathe out. 
{{oh, that's nice, do it slower.  And here, try crocheting this upto the rhythm of your breathing...}}

So I finally caved to the last thought my brain offered and finally drifted off to sleep.  Hey, you can count sheep if you'd like, but concentrating on my breathing and on crochet stitches seem to work for me. 

Today, I feel rested.  I'm looking forward to taking those ideas and at least writing them down.  Who knows what they might develop into, right?

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