Thursday, April 28, 2005

Petting Soft Whispers

I feel as though I've been running a marathon; almost as though I've been planning a wedding. But I haven't. I've been busy taking care of many details for my daughter's upcoming Communion! After this upcoming Sunday I can get back to my regular schedule of chaos! {{grins}} But until then, I need to stay focused on all that needs to be tended to.

What this all means is that I've been under a bit of stress and needed something to take the edge off. What better than to start another crochet project, right? I can hear your thoughts processing this and screaming, "Oh, no she didn't!!" 

But, yes! That's exactly what I did! I took on ANOTHER crochet project!!

Late Sunday night I grabbed two balls of Plymouth's "Whisper" novelty yarn. It's a pretty nylon fiber with a touch of eyelash that when worked up has a tendency to scream at you, "Pet me! Pet me!" The color I used is called "Neutral" -- it's the dreamy yarn I had picked up last month during the
Crochet Partners field trip to WEBs, a huge yarn shop in Massachusetts. By the time I was ready to turn in for the night, I had whipped up three inches with my "J" hook.

On Monday I had volunteer lunch duty in my daughter's class.  So for the first time, I brought in a non-charity project to work on. The kids just loved coming up and touching it. Many had said they had never seen such a yarn, and they were curious as to how my work would turn into a bag. "I think it's going to be a hat, " one child remarked, "because it doesn't have any handles." I advised that the handles would go on last. "I think it's going to be a foot blanket because it's big enough for my feet," another child added. (What an interesting idea; filed it in the back of my brain for future investigation.) I kept making my stitches, and kept answering back that it would be a handbag.

I continued to work on it as I later sat in the parking lot waiting to pick up the kids. We returned home, and later in the evening I went back to working on it. Very late Tuesday evening, the handles were added. And that's what you see here. All I need to do is add a liner and the button and it's done. I hope to use the bag at the Communion; it matches my outfit perfectly.

It wasn't my intent to add another project, but when making the phone calls, finalizing the details and such, each crochet stitch helped relax me and helped me maintain my focus in making sure that this would be a wonderful day for my daughter. And hey, if I overlooked something, or if one of the details fall through, I'll have my bag to pet. It's as soft as a child's warm "I love you" whisper.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh!!!!  This is beautiful!!!  Here kitty, kitty, kitty......  want to go home with me?????  LOL!  Sorry, I'm still not quite awake yet!  Sheila

Anonymous said...

Dee!  I want to just pet it.  It looks so soft.  Wow! you do awesome work Dee... I want to make one but I have my hands in hand cuffs right now.  I am not allowing myself to start anymore projects until I get finished with the ones that I have going.  Thanks for sharing with us.  Janet

Anonymous said...

This purse is gorgeous! Even the photo looks soft.
Hope your family enjoys the Communion!

Have a blessed day!