Wednesday, April 6, 2005

going around the bars and picking up loops

I turned in the beaded bikini top to the shop yesterday. It was a huge hit!

To the right you can see my "promoter" and "model" showing off the bikini top ... I just love when she strikes the pose for me! Don't you think she does an awesome job modeling? (Thanks Sharlene!)

We had two fantastic classes yesterday. We were doing a little word playing in the Tunisian class ... saying something about going around the bars and picking up loops (come on, you have to read INTO the wording here). It was quite funny.

For the "Honoring With Stitches" post I did on Monday, thank you. I have received emails, and was approached in person, with many of you saying that the post moved you. Thus far I have a scarf and a preemie afghan done, and they'll be donated to area charities.  I plan on placing a hang tag on these items to let the person/family who receives the item(s) know of their significance. Again, I can only hope that the items help make someone else's life a little bit brighter, a little bit better.

My son, knowing what a fiber junkie I am, asked if I could share his favorite joke with you, my readers. He loves to remind me of this joke when I am looking at, or when I am using a particular type of fiber. See if you can figure out the answer:

     Q. What do you call Batman & Robin after they get run over by a steam roller?

     A. (I'll post the answer tomorrow)

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Anonymous said...

In my younger and crazier days, I picked up a few "loops" in bars.  Never again!  Love the top and your model seems like a good sport!  You done good!
I know the answer to the riddle because my brother was a huge Batman fan, but I won't ruin it for the rest of your readers.  Hugs, Sheila!