Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Thirteen years!!

The National Vital Statistics Report says that Americans have an overall life expectancy of 77.3 years. Hmmm. There's also a report out that states that Americans have an average of sitting on the couch for 13 of those years. Thirteen years!!

Thirteen years is equivalent to 113,880 hours. I crochet, on average 55 double crochet stitches every three minutes, so let's see ... (punching & crunching some numbers here...) that would mean that I will do some two million stitches during my couch time! Awesome! (2,087,800)

Anyone know what the average amount of projects a crocheter will create in a lifetime? LOL

Hey, if anyone is keeping tabs on Lily Chin's crocheting ... on average she'll do some 3,530,280 stitches! Wow!! I guess it pays to be the World's Fastest Crocheter, like last year where she pumped out some 140 hats for charity!   :)

Of course, thinking like this gives the concept "couch potato" a whole new persepective ... maybe sitting on the couch isn't such a bad thing if you're able to crochet for that time!  LOL 

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm, interesting!  I'll have to time myself on this someday.  Sheila