Sunday, April 17, 2005

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Don'tcha just love when someone walks up to, hands you a postal letter and says, "I think it's a check."  In most peoples eyes you'd see the dollar sign appear in their pupils.  Nope.  Not me.  In my eyes, little skeins of yarn appear! ... LOL

Yep, a check arrived yesterday for the Modular Poncho pattern that's in the process of being published.  It shouldn't be long now until the book is available.   Of course, I can't wait!  I'm sure they took a much better picture of the poncho than I did. (see image to the right).  The color in my picture looks flat; it doesn't "POP;" it doesn't reflect the colors correctly -- something that the publisher said looked "flirty" when she received it.  (of course, my model here, Sharlene, does an excellent job showing it off, eh?!!)

One of the things I did do, upon the overwhelming amount of requests I've received from across the country, is to submit a teaching proposal for this poncho (along with other classes) to the Stitches East event coming this September (It's held in Atlantic City, NJ).   We'll see if I'm selected, and if so, I'll announce it here in my Journal.  Selected or not, I'll be at Stitches East this year!

On the crochet front I have two projects going on while waiting to go shopping for the Chinchilla ... one is finishing up the interview questions for Chris, and the other is graphing out the logo for the Knit Together store (I have their blessing to use their logo for an upcoming class).  I must admit that I've really enjoyed using the program "Instant Stitch" (the "PM Stitch Creator" is one of the discs included in the packaging) for the graphing!  ... so if you're looking to doing custom graphs with your crochet work, check it out!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!  Congrats on the check!  So that's what its like to hit the "big time", eh???  LOL!  Sure do wish we lived closer.  I'd have you sign me up for every class you teach automatically.  Have a great day!  Sheila