Friday, April 22, 2005

Happy Anniversary

This month celebrates the start of my sixth year of teaching crochet.  I was thinking that I should celebrate somehow ... so as I watched "Survivor" last night, I crocheted.  I finished crocheting a scarf that I'll donate this winter, and I also crocheted up a hat to match.  I think the best feature about the scarf besides the little pink heart I surface crocheted on it, was that my daughter helped me crochet it!  I can't think of a better anniversary gift than that ... the gift of love, the gift of sharing.  :)

So, yeah, I'm starting my sixth year of teaching crochet!  What an incredible journey it's been!  (For more information on my journey, visit my website and give the page "a note from Dee" a visit.)  It feels good to be out of the "Crocheter's Closet" and encouraging others ... the experiences and the people I've met on this journey have just been awesome!  ... or better yet, to quote MasterCard, "priceless!"

Now interestingly enough, (talk about timing!) a new yahoo group formed just a few days ago and already has over 50 members in it ... it's filled with crochet teachers and those looking to become crochet instructors.  If this appeals to you, then come join us.  The link is in the "favorite sites" box to the right ... look under the heading "online crochet groups" and click onto "TEACH CROCHET."  I hope to see you all there!  J

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dee,  just found you.  Love to see crocheted rosary.  Have five grandsons so I never get to do all those cutsie things.  Started knitting scarves to help my daughter out with Xmas presents.  Never thought of crocheting them.  I need my own personal teacher, like some folks have a personal trainer.  Good luck with your shop.  grlfromgalway