Friday, April 1, 2005

Glass Hook (& Dee's WIP)

One of the things I'm working on is updating my picturetrail albums ... I've created an album called "2005."  The image below is from the album.  It's the glass hook I mentioned on March 15th; a surprise gift from my bosses:

Update: Sheila asked what stitch I'm using for my sweater pictured here with the glass hook ... Sheila, it's called the "Parallel Post" ... it's one of the stitches featured in the ever-great book "encyclopedia of crochet" by Donna Kooler.  This site has a pattern for a square using the stitch, but no picture.  J

Update #2: I received another email asking what the other stitch is in this photograph.  Great question!  The beauty here is that it's not another stitch.  It's the backside of my work, the back side of the Parallel Post stitch, which is making a unique design in itself.  I'm actually toying with the idea to, when it comes time for assembling the pieces, make the sweater reversible because of how pretty the backside is working up. 


Anonymous said...

A glass hook?  Oh my, I could NEVER own one of those!!!  I'd probably break it in the first week!  Sheila aka butterfingers

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh what is this neat twisty looking stitch????  I likey!!!  Sheila

Anonymous said...

That hook is beautiful! It looks like it would be very nice to work with.