Friday, April 1, 2005

A Storm + Dee = Shopping, right?

I just got back from a local craft store ... yes, there's a big storm headed our way!  The town crews were out there on the roads like army troops -- never have I seen so many working at once!  They're busy clearing all the storm drains.  Based on that, and on the pain in my knee, I'm thinking the storm will be bigger than they're saying it will be (we've already had some mud slides reported earlier this week, and I'm guessing we'll be seeing more with this storm).

So with this huge rain storm scheduled for tomorrow, I went out today and picked out some beads I need for a store sample I'm working on.  And, because of Sheila over there at "Just Another Hooker," I picked up some earring hooks too.  (Thanks Sheila!  LOL)  I'm going to play around with crocheting earrings and then saving them for when my Crochet Chapter decides to do another fund raiser. 

Which brings an important topic to light! ... The earring pattern states that it's OK to use for fund raising!  Otherwise, I'd contact the pattern owner and seek permission first.  When patterns are published, it's usually for personal use; not for mass production. 

Anyway, I'm thinking that I'll need to add some beads to the earrings ... we'll have to wait & see what develops.  :)

PS:  I don't know how I escaped adopting new "fur babies", but I did!  I swear I did not come home with any yarn!!  Now, how on Earth did that  happen?!!!

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Anonymous said...

John said I should stay home today and get my labwork done in the morning.  Those furbabies have a way of jumping off of the shelf into the cart.  They are rascally little devils and quick as lightning too!  Hope your storm is rain and not snow.  They are predicting snow for here and east toward PA, but I don't think we'll get it because the temps will be too warm.
My thoughts and sympathies are with you today as I hear about news of the Pope.  I'm very sorry.  Sheila