Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Treats for Me

I decided to treat myself to two new books today.  The first one, Embellishing with Beads by Nancy Nehring, is one I've had my eye on since first seeing it listed on the B& website (btw, click onto the title and it will lead you to the book to view for yourself).  What persuaded me to order it?  PieceWork magazine had a fabulous write up and it sounds like a book that would interest me.

The second book, Freeform Knitting and Crochet by Jenny Dowde, is barely off the press -- it's that new!! (Again, click onto the title if you'd like to see the book on B&N's website.) I'm a member of the online freeform group and this book is getting glowing reviews.  Many are stating that the section on color is more than worth it's weight in gold. 

My order should be here, says Barnes & Noble, in about a week.  That should give me plenty of time to finish the poncho sample I've been working on for a Workshop I'm putting together.

Oh the excitement of waiting for these new delectable books to arrive -- I can't stand it!! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dee!  Congrats on your "treats".  We must all treat ourselves once in a while.  I need to ask you though, in your opinion, what are good books for a beginner?  Also, do those books contain something about the different yarns and how they are to work with and what sort of results one can expect to achieve?  Thank you!  Sheila