Saturday, August 14, 2004

Girls' Nite Out

 Last night was our "Girls' Nite Out."

Members of The HHCC gathered together to work on assembling brochures for our three major demonstrations coming up:

  • CraftAdventure
  • The Eastern States Exposition
  • Knit Out & Crochet Too in NYC

    As we finished assembling the some 500 three-page brochures, we moved on to crocheting the "starts" that will be used at the Knit Out and Crochet Too event in NYC.  The "starts" are little squares, 12 stitches wide, and 4 rows high, that will be given to those interested in learning how to crochet at this huge event.  I'm guessing we did some 200-300 of these things. 

    The funny part about the evening is that anyone looking in would have thought that we were being taped for a new type of car commercial.  Here we were, a group of ladies working in unison and our topics were not about our children, our jobs, our latest crochet projects.  No, for some reason, we got to talking about cars -- and this of course is, in the eye of most males, a bit unusual.

     We did chat about the need of a roomy interior, but that's an expected "girly" topic -- we dove in deeper and talked about chassis' and eight cylinder verses six cylinder, and handling, and braking, and driving over whatever is in our way to the LYS.  <<grins>>  Yes, we looked like a new type of car commercial ... sitting there with our crochet hooks flying, deeply engaged with a polite debate of BMW vs. Mercedes, Toyota verses Nissan, and why on earth Hyundai would have it's batteries a "special order" item as if it were a high-preformance vehicle (or high-ticket priced vehicle) like the Mercedes.

    Now should such a commercial appear on the airwaves, I'd like it to be our group that actually gets filmed.  Not a bunch of actresses doing a recreation.  Afterall, they'll need to know how to crochet, and who better than us?  J
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    Anonymous said...

    Oh, how I wish I had been there!  We're in the process of looking for a car and I'd love to hear what people have to say about theirs.  Would you please post the dates of Knit Out & Crochet Too?  I think I'll just have to arrange for a babysitter for this.  I've heard it's too good to miss!