Wednesday, August 4, 2004

My New Toy

Yesterday, I did it -- I returned to work!  It felt so good to be back in the store, teaching.  And buying!  (lol)

From reading Maggie Regetti's book, she highly recommended cabled needles (I still have such a hard time of saying needles ... I keep calling them hooks!), and I had a gift certificate I've been sitting on for the past 8 months (eight months!  I know, I know -- I just wanted to be sure of what it was that I wanted to spend it on!)

So, this is what I decided upon.  I choose the Denise Interchangeable Needle system, along with four skeins of various yarns that I'll be using to design a crocheted ponco with.

Each knitter in the store took a look at my knitted scarf, and acknowledged I had some "trouble spots" but declaired it "...good over all" and that "...the tension looks good, except at the end where it looks like you lost interest and wanted to just get the project done."  There wasn't much laughter, either, as I had expected.  Just a "chong" of the gong they hit in honor of my scarf.  They were impressed with my edges ... I smiled and said, "Thanks, they're crocheted!"

At the end of my first class a lady came and sat at the table ... she was knitting.  I was discussing with one of my students that I seem to enjoy twisting my knit stitches.  I must be reading Maggies books too much as I would have sworn, based on the image in the book, that this lady was Maggie.  She was just as sweet as can be, taking the time to show my (crochet) student and I the magic of using twisted stitches and "untwisting" them.  She declaired the technique as faster, and of course I was all ears.  She then introduced herself to us -- Barbara, it turns out, is her name, but in my mind, I'm thinking "that's Maggie!" 

So last night I took my new toys, the Denise needles, out of the case and just toyed with assembling them and such.  I want to finish the fabric I have on my wooden needles that I started first.  I don't want to end up with a zillion knitting projects as I do with crocheting!  J


PS: If you'd like to learn more about the Denise Interchangeable Needle system, just click onto the image above.

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