Friday, August 13, 2004

Starting a Crochet Group, Cont.

I was asked by one of my Journal Readers the following:

   Speaking of Crochet Clubs... I've so wanted to create one myself, but I have experience in my frigid northeastern state with trying to start groups. The weather tends to isolate people so much. One time someone doesn't show up during a snowstorm.. and the next time they don't want to explain why they didn't show up... etc.. People just wander off. That's why I volunteer with Seniors. But it would still be fun to have a regular crochet group. Do you have any pointers for people who want to start one?

Absolutely! J

One of the "perks" of joining our Chapter is that those with computer access are granted access to a private community we set up -- for members in good standing only.  Here we chat about a variety of crochet topics, and what's so nice about it, is that it bolsters a "family" like community. 

And, only once in the near three years since starting our group did we have to "cancel" a meeting due to weather -- but it really didn't stop us from having our meeting.  We jumped online to our private community and utilized the Chat Room feature.  It was quite fun even though there was a blizzard outside.

Also, when members don't show for a meeting, we don't pry.  It's natural for "people to wander off" as there are outside forces pulling us in different directions.  We do let them know that they were missed, and go over some of the details.  Having a program of what to expect (even loosely) well as having a friendly calendar reminder sent automatically of the upcoming meeting. 

You can do the same!

We utilize Yahoo! for our private group -- it's easy to set up and maintain, and it's free.  For more ideas, visit my journal entry from the day before and you'll be able to get more ideas.

But remember, I cannot stress enough, that FUN must be a part of the fundamentals of your group. 

Now, I was asked another question by the same reader:

   The screen name (darkhorsemare) comes from a Bugs Bunny vs. Yosemite Sam cartoon (can you guess which one?).

Oh, I'm going to be tested! (LOL)  Thank goodness for the power of the Internet!  Here's my answer:

"Ballot Box Bunny" (Freleng; 1951):

    CN: The Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam Russian Roulette ending gag is cut; so, this cartoon short ends with "dark horse" being elected as the "New Mare". The term of "dark horse" refers to one who receives unexpected support as a candidate for the nomination in a political convention.
Whew!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Good Job!  :)  Thanks for the comments and I'm so glad someone took the time to figure out my screen name.  That's a part of the internet that seems only to live on AOL anymore.  (I've been an internet junkie since before it went "commercial.")  

I love the idea of giving people a day-before reminder either by email or mail of a meeting.  So many times people are ashamed to admit that they simply forgot. I've had the feeling myself that "Oh darn, darn... I totally forgot and I REALLY wanted to go! Now they must think it's not important enough to me to attend!"

I love the chat room idea... but it would have to be private.  Chat isn't what it used to be.  I find myself continuously interrupted by private messages from people not in the room asking me whether I'm married or single, etc..  Probably a chat room on the CGOA site is obscure enough to turn away the trolls.

Hmm... I guess how internet-focused it will be will depend on how savvy the members are.  For instance, I wouldn't want to recommend that someone install an IM client unless they also knew about Windows Update, and had good Antivirus protection.  In a case like that a Yahoo Group or a CGOA chat room would be preferable. But it still assumes a certain level of knowledge (typing in a web address and then adding it to the Favorites, etc..).

Lots of yarn for thought here..

   Dark Horse Mare