Tuesday, August 24, 2004

A Family First

This is a first for my family ... three generations are in competition at the same event, in the same category.  Can you guess it?  Yep, Crochet!

My mother started crocheting about two years ago -- she can't read a pattern yet, so she makes her own designs up using various colors and beads, mostly with just single crochets.  She turned to crochet after being in an explosion at her job that caused 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns.  The crochet has helped her regain mobility in her fingers and hands.  She makes about 20 afghans a year now, and is, in her own words, "a fiberholic with a huge yarn stash."  She has an afghan entered, but doesn't know it - yet.  She lives in Florida and mailed my husband, myself, and our children each an afghan.  They are beautiful.  I told my mother that she should enter some of her work to be judged; but she's shy.  So I decided to do it for her and see if the Judges agree with me.  I hope they do because I think it will encourage her to take her crocheting to the next level -- meaning, learning how to read patterns.

My daughter, who is 7, crocheted a beaded Rosary.  Her stitches are far more regulated than last year's which means her technique is improving.  She's already announced that next year she hopes to enter a belt.  That's the way to do it! ... start the youngsters off with simple projects, let them dabble and play until they're ready to learn more!  This means that she's ready to learn how to do stitches, and that alone makes her a "winner" in my eyes.

And then there's me.  I entered the wrap I was inspired to create during a trip to NH; a hat, and a simple freeform purse.  It's not quite what I had in mind to enter, but with all the therapy and "down time" I've had with my back, I'm happy that I was able to enter. Period.  If I hadn't, then this "Family First" of having three generations involved would not have been possible.

The items are being judged this week; we'll find out how wedid come this Saturday.  And, I wonder, will this "Family First" inspire other families to do the same, and will the items inspire others to pick up the hook?  I hope so!  :) 

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Anonymous said...

I love this entry and GO MOM!!!  My maternal grandmother, as you know, was the crocheter of the family but it kind of died with her.  My sister learned from someone she worked with (a guy at that!) and she taught mom.  Of course, I wasn't going to let little sis out do me and I taught myself.  But, like your mom, patterns scare us (although I kind of learned how to read a basic pattern).  I love that you were sneaky enough to enter something of mom's in a contest.  LOL!  Won't she be doubly surprised if she wins???  Sheila - rooting for all of you!