Monday, August 2, 2004

Audio entry

Yesterday, late in the evening, I found my missing needle.  Mysteriously, it lay not far from where I placed it, and next to it lay a shiny blue crochet hook.  Hmmm, I wondered, how did that get there?  Of course, I let my imagination wonder:

     There, in the corner, he stood.  He wasn't pleased with the coo and decided to step forward.  "I think we owe Woody an apology," he said quietly.
     At first the hooks didn't hear him, so he repeated himself as he gently pushed through the crowd.  "I said, I think we owe Woody an apology," and added, "and I think we should return him to his twin." 
     The boyes looked over towards this hook that was now speaking up.  "What's this," quipped Milward, "why should we?!  Because of him and his twin, we're being ignored!" 
     Clark chimed in, "Yeah, but Ms. Dee paid the ransom.  Didn't we each get a skein of yarn like we asked?"
     Members of the Balene Battalion smiled at each other, as this meant that their mission was successful.
    The hook that first spoke up was now standing next to Woody, working on turning him loose.  Woody looked at him and wondered why he was helping him, being his hero.  Once freed, he said to Woody, "Go to your twin, and help Ms. Dee learn your ways.  Show her that although your speed may be slow, it's technique that she wants.  She'll appreciate hearing that from you as that's her creed." 
     Woody looked at him, as did all the other hooks.  He continued, "There is room enough for the both of us -- and in time I'm sure we'll be working together."
     Susan Bates stood and decreed, "Let it be known today, on behalf of this great hook who stepped forward, that the rivalry between us and needles is no more!  Let it die here, and let it be known throughout all the land, that we can work in the same owner's hands!"
     Bones slapped his knee and said, "Well, I'll be golly!  That's the way it should be!"  They all laughed at this, and cheered. 
     During this time, Brittany looked over to Aero and asked, "Who was that shiny blue brave hook that spoke up?"
     Aero looked over towards him with respect, and replied to her, "Why, that was 'Hero!'"

Now I want to add, that my husband inquired, after reading yesterday's Journal Entry, if, after paying the randsom, I was setting myself up for more needle kidnappings.

I told him that I don't think so, as there seems to be a slow understanding emerging between the two groups.

And sure enough, I finished that scarf last night. I finished knitting it, added a simple crochet border going around, and then added some fringe.  It may not be perfect, but that's OK.  My first crochet pieces weren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination either. J


NOTE:  All the names used in this imaginative story of mine are all actual names of Crochet Hooks, and that no needles were hurt in any way.

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