Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Goodies From Afar

There are times when you can just sing!   It doesn't matter if you cannot hold a tune because of tone deafness -- you're just given this one-time-ability to sing -- with joy, that is. 

                     Today is my day.  (I'm so happy, happy, happy!!  I love treats & surprises!  LOL)

Look at what I got in the mail!!  Susan, a member of the online Freeform group, who lives in Illinois and attended the CGOA Conference, sent me this little gem with a challenge to "try it."  She says it's "Braided copperwire [that] acts very much like yarn."   Oh, I love challenges!!  

Where she got this, I don't know, but you know I'm going to ask!!

The hook you see pictured with it, is actually an upcoming prize for my Crochet Club's 3rd Anniversary.  It's a collectors hook that was made for the SouthWest Ohio Chapter of the CGOA by -- If you're interested, they may have more ... visit the Chapter at to inquire.  I used the hook to give the copperwire a bit of dimension.  Isn't it pretty?

I wouldn't dare think of trying the copperwire on the Celtic Swan hook because, one, it's not mine (--yet!  I could win it!); and two, the copperwire, although soft, could scratch the hook up.

Now, what to create with that copperwire ...  

     any suggestions?  J

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