Thursday, August 26, 2004

Secret Plans

I went to WEBs in Northampton, MA, on Monday after dropping off items at the CraftAdventure.

While at WEBs I got a great buy ... I got a bag of yarn called Filatura Di Crosa/Adhoc Piu (see picture to the right) for just $10 ... that's 10 balls for a buck each! (That means I got it for about 80% off! Too bad I only got one bag of it; lol) It's an acrylic & wool blend, and the color I got is a variegated of oranges & greens. (I made the background & text here to reflect those colors.)

My plan is to secretly crochet a sweater or cardigan for my son's upcoming birthday. I showed him the yarn today -- just inquiring if he liked it. He held the yarn in his hands and ran his fingers over a strand of the fiber. He nodded his head, and then turned the yarn over and looked at it some more. Then he said, "I like the rainbow look, and it's soft."

He has no idea that it's for him, and now knowing he likes the fiber, I'm sure he'll be pleased with what I create for him.

Now, the only problem is do I crochet him a sweater or a cardigan? Decisions, decisions! LOL -- Oh, a pattern? Of course not. I'll be using what is known as the Modular Technique of working from side to side instead of from the neck down, or the waist up. This will allow me more creative freedom, and eliminate that "mismatch" variegated pattern we sometimes see when we add on new skeins.

If you're interested in learning about the Modular Technique, you'll want to get your hands on the out of print book called "Modular Crochet" by Judith Copeland. Expect to pay big bucks for it as it's a well sought after book; sometimes you can find it listed on eBay.

If you're interested in the yarn, has it on sale too -- just click onto the yarn image to get to the website ... or you can contact WEBs to see if they have any left (

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