Sunday, August 8, 2004

"Hook Crochet"

When we start to play with the vocabulary in our Crochet World, it's interesting of what we'll learn.

I have a page on my website dedicated to the way crochet is pronounced.  In a nutshell, it's a French word, and that means the "t" sound is ignored.  So it's really "croshay" that we're saying.

So, if we take the French word, Crochet and mix it with another French word, velour, we get (drum roll please!) VELCRO!

So in thinking in this line a bit more (hey, when you're sick & all you can do is just "be" it's amazing what the mind comes up with), I wondered if there was velour yarn.  So I hopped on the Internet this morning and sure enough, this website is offering a velvet yarn safe enough for babies to enjoy: -- I'll have to make myself a note to see if I can get a skein of this locally to try.

Holly sent me a Get Well-Wish email and said, "I enjoy reading your blog and so have followed your back problems on top of the virus.  Poor thing. I'm amazed that you can keep up with your blog."   Holly, you're not alone in that thought.  Fortunately for me, my dear husband has abandoned his laptop.  Alright, he didn't abandon it.  I took it over.  It's mine, mine, mine, and he's not getting it back!  Ever!  (That is, unless he asks.)  The laptop has been a lifesaver for me, helping me keep in touch, and semi-productive for the past month.

Now today is my Crochet Club's monthly meeting.  I've never missed a meeting since we began it in 2001.  I am at war with myself as I so want to go!!!   I wouldn't be able to speak, so our Vice-Presidents would have to handle the aspect of running the business section of the meeting ... And it's such an important meeting, too,  as I have goodies I want to raffle off to members that couldn't make it to the Conference, there's voting for our upcoming Anniversary to be done, a presentation by Margaret Hubert about the Process of Getting Published, and one of our members will be going over how to create a designer scarf.  I am feeling slightly better; I think the antibiotics are helping (I know the pain meds are because I've resumed drinking & eating soft foods)  so my energy level is higher.  Do I dare go?  It's in 4 1/2 hours.  I mean, if something were to go wrong, I couldn't be in a better place as the meeting is held inside of our local hospital....  Do I dare go?  Hmmmmmmmmmm......

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Anonymous said...

"Now today is my Crochet Club's monthly meeting.  I've never missed a meeting since we began it in 2001.  I am at war with myself as I so want to go!!!   "

I think you should go, and have a talk with your body to behave itself temporarily.  :)

Speaking of Crochet Clubs... I've so wanted to create one myself, but I have experience in my frigid northeastern state with trying to start groups.  The weather tends to isolate people so much.  One time someone doesn't show up during a snowstorm.. and the next time they don't want to explain why they didn't show up... etc..  People just wander off.  That's why I volunteer with Seniors.  But it would still be fun to have a regular crochet group.  Do you have any pointers for people who want to start one?

PS:  The screen name comes from a Bugs Bunny vs. Yosemite Sam cartoon (can you guess which one?).

  Dark Horse?  Mare?