Saturday, February 12, 2005

... So how cool is that?

In the mail yesterday was the latest issue of Elle magazine.  I flipped through it quickly, on the hunt for crochet, naturally, and I found it -- a whole page dedicated to how awesome crochet is for your wardrobe!  Since I'm about to get ready to go teach today, I don't have the issue in front of me.  So I'll talk about what they have featured perhaps tomorrow.

I spent most of yesterday just relaxing, hoping the migraine will go away.  It hasn't.  I still have traces of it today but at least I'm functioning.  My daughter, though, spent the day at "Camp Couch."  Yeah, she's sick.  So yesterday we snuggled together on the couch and watched Margaret Hubert's video on freeform crochet.  This was her first time watching the video all the way through, and she got a kick out of seeing me in the video (I'm at the end, in the segment with others participating in one of Margaret's workshops).  Afterwards she said that after she's done crocheting her scarf she wants to crochet Margaret's spiral.  She also said she liked watching how all the stitches are made.  So how cool is that? 

Also on the crochet front, I took my son to a birthday party last night.  I left my crochet in the car on purpose.  When I went inside with him several of the Mom's were surprised that I didn't have it with me.  "I'm on break," I replied with a smile.  Well, that didn't stop them from wanting to talk about it.  They commented on how much they liked seeing my creations, how they enjoyed seeing the little "cat's cradle" ropes the children came home with, how I should call my local library and put in another crochet display, and so on.  Wow; I was on Cloud 9 to see that they had so much interest in it -- and yes, my son had a good time at the party too.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter.  Well wishes being sent her way.  Seems like everyone is sick lately.  Congrats on the crochet talk with the other moms.  That is neat.  How many signed up for lessons????  LOL!  Take care and stay well yourself.  Sheila