Thursday, February 24, 2005

Birthday Extravaganza Update

 Lori wrote me: 
       "How does it feel to be 25?  Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you... "

Twenty-five, eh?  Hmmm, I think it feels great!!  Wait until I tell my husband of my wonderful new youth!!  LOL  [[ Thanks Lori!!! ]]

Celebrating my birthday here at Lake Placid has been wonderful.  Yesterday we started off the day with a tiny bit of shopping before heading to the dog sled rides.  At the store we let the kids pick out a few treasures.  They picked out some postcards and Olympic Gold Metals, of which they proudly wore for the entire day.  At the dog sled rides we got a kick out of the lead dog, Pepper.  For some apparent reason, only known by the dog, he likes to run sideways.  Absolutely hysterical to watch!  The ride was great; the kids liked how fast the dogs could pull the sled. 

We then returned to our shopping of which my husband found a bead shop named "Just Bead It" -- oh I had a FIELD DAY shopping to my heart's content!!  I got to speak with the owner who apparently grew up in Wilton, CT, and strongly recommends I visit the bead shop in Norwalk (since it's closer to me).  Now, I've only just recently heard of the bead shop in Norwalk, but if I can be in another state and have the shop recommended to me, then it MUST be worth checking out.  "Oh, yes," she replied, "they specialize in one of a kind beads."  Oh, I am so pumped; I've got to check it out as soon as I can.

While we were in the "Just Bead It" shop, I received many compliments on my crocheted Winter Hat, as well as the hat I had initially crocheted for my husband -- only my son was wearing it.  The compliments continued from shop to shop that we visited, including in the store called "Where'd you get that hat."  {{grins}}

There were many crochet sightings throughout the day ... hats and scarves mostly, but I did see HUGE crocheted snowflakes for sale, and hackie sack balls.  Haven't found any local yarn shops yet, but I really haven't had the time to hunt them down.  In the early evening we went on a horse drawn sleigh ride (Pete and Pat were two huge horses, not Clydesdales, but close in size), and concluded the evening with an ice skating show that paid tribute to the 1980 Olympics.

Today we're off to go see the ski jump site and visit White Face.  It's going to be another great day to celebrate my birthday.  :)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, Dear Dee
Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dee!!!! Sounds like you are enjoying it!