Thursday, February 17, 2005

And the "Crocheter of the Year Award" goes to...

...Bonnie Pierce!!

My first introduction to Bonnie was through the online group known as Crochet Partners.  When I first joined, she was one of the ladies that sent me an email welcoming me.  Then we started exchanging emails on various topics which lead to her granting me permission to provide a link to her website on my one-handed crochet webpage.  Is she one-handed?  No.  But she holds her hook & yarn in one hand which someone with one hand might find useful.

As time went by, and with much prodding by Barbara of the NYCCG, I finally got my act together and joined the online Freeform group.  Bonnie was there too.  I got to read about many of her crochet works, and I also have to admit that it caused excessive drooling and much admiration on my part.  I encouraged members of both groups to submit items into the CraftAdventure, of which Bonnie did.  The first year she did, she submitted a beautiful framed (crocheted) butterfly.  I recall she won a ribbon, but I don't recall which one.  Then last year she submitted a pretty blue freeform vest of which she won a Blue Ribbon. 

In that time, she also had a book projects going on -- perhaps you've heard of the series "Crochet on the Roll" ... it's a series of projects all having to do with the Roll stitch (also known as the Bullion stitch).  You can visit the website to see the books & the special "long necked" hooks they launched to go with the books.

Now, Bonnie takes her place as "Crocheter of the Year" and stands next to last year's winner, Nancy Nehring (author of the book, "50 Heirloom Buttons").  The award was granted by Interweave Press.  You can read about the award HERE, and see Bonnie's winning piece HERE.

                                      Congratulations Bonnie!!!

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