Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Crocheting is HEALTHY!!

WeightWatchers.com:  Is there a "trick" that helps you overcome temptation?

                        Diane:  I crochet. If my hands are moving I can't eat.

I saw this posted in an email from an online group I belong to and loved the simplicity and the truth behind the answer.

As one "maintaining" her weight (while still looking to "reduce" her weight), I agree with that answer.

Crocheting is HEALTHY!!

If your hands are busy, you're not eating.  And for those readers who smoke -- guess what!  If your hands are busy, you're not smoking!!

AND... based on the calorie burning info I've recently read, if you burn 40 calories an hour for kissing, guess how many you'll burn crocheting for an hour!!  A LOT!!

Now, I also want to recommend that we get up and stretch about every 15 minutes ... this helps get the blood flowing a bit, and helps the eyes too by focusing on items further away.

Here's other exercises we get from our crocheting:
1. Running:
       a.  after the cat who stole the ball of yarn while you were working with it
       b.  after the baby who thought the ball of yarn was something fun to hurry and throw in the toilet
       c.  to the nearest yarn shop to replace such balls of yarn, and while there to scoop up other goodies to increase STASH

2.  Stretching:
       a.  to pick up that crochet hook that just keeps slipping out of your grip and falls to the floor
       b.  to reach for crochet project while sitting in 5:00 PM rush hour traffic.  While you're sitting there getting in a few stitches you wonder why they don't call it "slow hour traffic."
       c.  while frogging those last 20 rows because you forgot to put in two cable stitches.  Each tug on the yarn results in one good stretch.  Don't forget the stretching while winding it all back into a ball.
       d.  to reach for that last skein of yarn in the top bin.  You also get some great knee bends in too if you opt to pray that the color lot will match!

3.  Weight Lifting:
       a.   Those totes of yarn previously stashed in the trunk of your car to the inside of your home while loved ones aren't looking.
       b.  The afghan a gazzilion times as each square is lovingly added on. 
       c.  those project bags as you go from home to crochet class, and back.  You'd be surprise how much "stash" you can pack in them!

LOL;  what else, readers, can you think of to add to this list?  Carry on the idea in your journal/blog.  Then, return back here and leave your journal/blog address for others to come visit you.   :)

Hey, and if you still don't believe me that crochet is great for exercise, well then, CLICK HERE.

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