Monday, February 21, 2005

Problem Solved

My hubby and I sat down to have our serious talk.  I suggest all couples do this.  As we did so, I grabbed my "K" hook and six balls of yarn I wanted to use up.  "Can you concentrate on our conversation and crochet at the same time," he asked.  "Yes," I replied as I proceeded to make my slip knot and starting chains.

As we discussed where we are and where we want to be I stitched.  We chatted about our immediate future as well as our long term goals.  I stitched some more.  As we agreed of where we want to be and set a time table, my stitching had grown.  "What are you making," he asked.  "I'm problem solving," I answered.  "I want to use up some yarn in my stash while creating something to solve an immediate problem."

"Oh, I didn't know you could solve problems with crochet," he replied.  "Absolutely," I said, "and this will be a basket to hold my current Work in Progress."  He got excited, "Really??"  What this meant is that I wouldn't need to leave my WIP exposed ... it would be neat and contained, and easy to tote around the house.  "So, how will it work," he asked.  "It will be a basket and will sit on the table or chest," I replied.

Well, I finished the project last night.  What I failed to do was recall that the fiber I used has a mind of it's own.  Perhaps I should have looked it up and saw what the manufacturer had to say about it PRIOR to starting my project.  I used (now discontinued) Berroco's "LUXE" ... and right on their webpage it says, "a magnificent, hosiery type yarn that drapes like a dream."  Hello!!  Why would I want "drape" if I want it to become a basket???  Yes, my basket, even when I used two strands together, flopped over.

As I played with thoughts of stiffening the project, I ultimately decided against it.  The fiber has such a nice sheen to it, and I fear the stiffener will take that away.  So, quick as a bunny, I decided to see what I could raid from the kitchen.  Oh, not for food, but for something to help give my basket body.  What I found was an inexpensive bowl that I use to tote food to various pot luck events.  I put the bowl inside and like magic I had a most beautiful creation.  Will I continue to call it a basket?  No, I don't think so.  I made me a "bowl cover."  And now it sits on top of the chest.

"See," I said, "I solved a problem.  I have my spot to put my WIP, used up stash, and now made a tiny bit of room in the kitchen cabinet."  I think I'll use up what fiber is left and crochet handles for my "bowl cover" and sew them on.  Perhaps they should be done with a bit of wire in them to prevent the fiber from "draping like a dream, er, nightmare."

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Anonymous said...

And did you mention to hubby the need for a good digital camera????  LOL!  I'm just messing with you!  Sheila