Monday, October 11, 2004

Stitches East 2004

Ah, Stitches East.

What a great time it was on Saturday!

HHCC members Grace, Celeste, Jennifer, Lucille and I commuted to New Jersey together.  Even though we took a "slight detour" (ie. got off wrong exit) we made it there in record time.

While we dreamed, petted, admired and shopped with the many, many vendors, I had fun meeting up with various people:

Looking at the pictures, here's the description:

1. (L to R) Grace, Lucille and Celeste.  We were hard to miss in our purple chapter attire.  Many people approached us and said they were "...glad Crochet was in the house."

2. That's designer Doris Chan and I.  She gave me a new nickname ... "rascal" (LOL) as she adored some of my purchases, asked where I got them, then went to the vendor only to learn I had "cleaned them out of lock, stock and barrel."  (Sorry about that Doris! <G>)

3 & 4.  That's designer Margaret Hubert modeling her awesome freeform technique.  (please don't drool on your keyboard -- yes, her work is stunning!) 

5.  That's Gwen Blakey-Kinsler who is also modeling beautiful freeform work.  She's sitting next to her book called "Kids Can Do It: Crocheting" which she was autographing.  She's also sporting a new hair style which is very flattering on her.

6.  That's Nancy Brown, the current President of the Crochet Guild of America, and the author of the book, "Crocheter's Companion."

7. (L to R) Carol Ann, Sarah, and Diane (I so hope I got the names right, ladies!  Let me know if I made an error!) from Pennsylvania.  They are members of the online group known as Crochet Partners that I'm also a member of.  It was a pleasure to meet these wonderful ladies!

8.  This is Diane, one of our newest members of our Chapter.  I just loved that poncho she was wearing!

9.  Ah!  Some of my loot I came home with!  Surprisingly, I did not purchase that much yarn.  Just three, yeah, you read that right, just three balls of yarn came home with me.  My goal this year was "tools of the trade" and I managed to get several.  Here's the breakdown:  Beaded stitch holder, purse clasp, two charms (crochet hook & "chain"), Wraps per Inch tool, and yarn weight measurer.  I also bought a few other items but need to keep it under wraps as they're future gifts for my Chapter's Third Year Anniversary that's coming up next month.

10.  This is a close-up of the two charms and the stitch holder.  I was like a kid in a candy store when I saw these!

It was a fantastic day!  I'll be there again next year, and perhaps you will be too?...

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Anonymous said...

What a great time and thanks for sharing those pics :)