Saturday, October 16, 2004

Clicking to Aid...

Have you seen them? A variety of websites that helps raise funds for various organizations and causes and your only cost is to visit them and click onto the designated button to get your click registered?

If you haven't seen them or heard about them, then here's your chance to learn a bit on how they work.  I do want to say upfront that I have no affiliation with these websites -- I just like what they represent.  People helping people. 

One such site is The Breast Cancer Site: Fund Mammograms for Free All they ask is that you visit daily and just give them a quick click. The way it works is that the website has sponsors. And each time you click, the sponsors pay X amount of money towards the cause. It's up to you if you then want to shop through the sponsors links and help them raise additional funds.  But otherwise, helping this cause is free.

Along those lines I received an email from an online group I belong to that stated I could purchase some recycled silk while helping to provide food to the poor. How could I resist? I ended up, with my purchase, of helping to provide 100 bowls of food. (they've since gone "out of stock" on the silk hanks, but they have other already made silk goodies that are very affordable!! ... just click onto the image to visit the website)

But I didn't stop there. This website, known as carries other "stores" as well ... for The Animal Rescue Site, The Child Health Site, and the Breast Cancer Site I mentioned earlier. So while I was ordering the recycled silk, I went to the Breast Cancer store and ordered a pin. That sale will now help pay for a mammogram.

Like I said, you're not required to shop. They're just looking for the clicks that the sponsors support. Should you opt to shop, you'll do that much more good. And I know, once my recycled silk arrives, I'm going to enjoy whatever I create out of it knowing that the purchase helped someone in need.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you!  Now be sure to show us photos of what you create!  :-)