Friday, October 1, 2004

Is Wonder Woman's airplane available?

I don't know what over came me.  Perhaps it was the "fiber" diet I've been on, or perhaps the thought of having no thoughts at all and just "enjoying the moment."  

All I know, is that I ran around the store today, feeling as though I was Captain America -- with these super hero powers -- shopping to my hearts' content.

Really; what was I thinking?!  

 Now it is true, and I've mentioned it before here, that one of my yarn haunts that I teach at is going out of business.  I'm truly sad about this as they've been working so hard at improving their yarn selection and just started carrying "the fun stuff."   

So, as I went in today to teach my classes, I was pulled aside and told to shop.  Not to wait.  "Do it NOW!" was the stern advice I got from another employee.  They've been running a sale all week -- entire store 25% off lowest price -- and the yarn section has been hit hard!  They had a special promotion for employees that I didn't know about, but once I was advised of it, I felt a surge of excitement.  

So, I (pretendedly) donned on the Captain America costume and zipped around the store with my cart.  I had four skeins of this, four of that.  Three of this color, and of course, since this matches, six of that.  A little of this, a little -- oh, who am I trying to kid? -- it's more like a lot of that!  The only thing that could stop me was not having a cart large enough!  (Darn!)  

Admittedly, not everything I purchased will be for my consumption, but in the meantime, I will need to figure out where I'm going to store it all!!!!  I doubt I can get the shield to camouflage it all.  Hmmmm.  I wonder if Wonder Woman's airplane is available for storage....

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