Tuesday, October 12, 2004

10,000 Milestone


Can you believe it? Ten thousand times this journal/blog has been viewed! What an accomplishment!

I have received wonderful compliments and encouragement from you, my readers. I am delighted that you enjoy visiting with me so much.

So, as I prepare to head off to teach today, I say lets have a cyber party to celebrate this milestone.

So in planning such a party, wouldn't it be neat to give all the attendees a Crochet Party favor? I did a quick search on the Internet, and found this cute kit. (I want to note that I've never done business with PlumParty, so I cannot attest to their business practices, but you can click onto the image to visit their website.)

Now along this line of thinking, my daughter (age 7) put together little crochet kits so that she can offer them to her school friends who are interested in learning from her. I bought the last remaining packages of the Crystallite hooks (aka plastic) that one of the stores I teach at had (they're going out of business). I then gave her four skeins of yarn and had her use my ball winder to make little balls of yarn. She then took these items and placed them in a quart freezer bag, added a sheet of basic instructions and sealed the bag. She can't wait for school to start this morning -- of course I won't allow her to go in with all the kits at once, but bringing one a day seems reasonable. (I'll be discussing this with the school principal to ensure it's allowed. Otherwise, she can give them out as "Halloween Treats" at the end of the month.)

Now, back to this cyber party ... how about using crystal hooks as stems on chocolate lollipops, where the lollipop itself can be made to look like a ball of yarn. And we can use knitting needles as skewers to hold small pieces of meat or vegetables. Hmmm...more hooks, or knitting needles to use as stirrers for drinks. And we can have little crocheted flower napkin rings (click onto the image to see the pattern.) ...

We can even hire the musicians known as "Dr. Hook." They were popular long ago. To have such a cyber-fiber oriented party, what else do you think we can to this milestone celebration?

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your milestone!

What a great idea you and your daughter have :)