Thursday, October 21, 2004


George Lucas, the guy behind "Star Wars" did a little groaning -- and is now starting a new magazine for education.

In the article, Lucas starts new educational crusade Magazine seeks to spur change in the classroom, Milton Chen, the foundation's executive director, is quoted stating, "...[Lucas got this] idea started last year, while gazing at the bountiful magazine racks at a Borders Books store, groaned about the titles devoted to dogs, cars, gardening and crocheting ."

OK. So, um, George? If you're reading this, then you might want to know that those bountiful magazines for crochet, at that particular Borders, got there through a lot of groaning. By many, many people. They didn't just arrive there by the wave of a magic wand. People went to the store, called the store, called the home office and HAD TO REQUEST that they carry it! And now, they'll be carrying one less, thanks to it "not being profitable enough."

So if you're going to groan about an abundance of magazines, George, then groan about something else ... perhaps about the 20 pounds of catalogs that will start arriving daily in our mailboxes until Christmas, you know, the ones we didn't request. Yeah, I'd say that would be a more productive groan session.

Now if I sound a bit sarcastic, or if I seem to have an edge to my entry, my apologies. It seems life threw another speed bump -- at the 11th hour it was announced that I had to bake something for the school bake sale. And wouldn't you know it, there's no icing in the house. Not even the raw supplies to make it from scratch!

Ah! Oh hear my groan!!!?


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