Friday, March 25, 2005

Question from Reader: Crochet With Ribbon?

Haley writes: I'm sooo incredibly proud for you!  What a great feeling to love what you do!  So Miss Dee-signer, I have a quick question.  Can you crochet with any kind of ribbon?  I have a design in mind inspired by your amazing scarf with the ribbon woven through that you showed me in class on Tuesday.

Haley, I love the new name, Dee-signer ... I'll have to put that with "Da Bomb of Moms" that Sheila gave me awhile back -- LOL!!!

It's interesting that you should ask about crocheting with ribbon ... as it was just yesterday that the Crochet Partners online group was discussing the very same thing!  I love that your wheels are turning; thinking of something new to create!

Yes, you can certainly crochet with ribbon -- any kind of ribbon.  The questions to ask are: what kind of ribbon do you want to use, and what width?  Once you have your answer you can proceed with your project.

You may want to check out the Carol Duval website (just omit the word *knit* for crochet and you'll be well on your way!!)

And while we're on the topic of ribbon, when you think about it, ribbon is really "skinny" material.  Which means, yes, you can crochet with material too. 

Thanks for the question, Haley.  I'm looking forward to seeing what you dee-sign. J

A Safety Note: In mentioning my scarf I had shown Haley, I'd like to note that while I like the look of ribbon woven through work, it's not something I'd recommend to give to small children.  The reason is because the ribbon can be pulled from the work and end up wrapped around a child's neck with devastating results.  If you do want to give such an item to a child, take the time to go through and securely sew down (tack down) the ribbon with needle and thread.  The extra time you put into securing the ribbon may make a difference between life or death for that child.  (This is the same reason that there's no more pull-strings in hoods, and that our blinds have split-pulls instead of loops.)

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Anonymous said...

Hiya Dee!  Funny you bring up the ribbon.  I had run across a scrunchie pattern made with 1/8" wide satin ribbon and LOL....wondered if I had any!  Hello, my name is Sheila and I'm a crochetaholic!  Last night, I was reading a journal where the person made crocheted bookmarks out of the DMC embroidery floss (something else I've wondered about!).  She said she liked working with it and liked the sheen of the floss.  Thanks for filling us in and answering Haley's question in your journal!  Sheila

PS to Haley - I love the Dee-signer too!  Great name!