Friday, March 18, 2005

Food for Thought

While I'm under the weather today, nursing an extremely sore throat & sinuses out of control, I thought I'd leave you, my readers, with food for thought.  You know, a topic to discuss while I try to rapidly get better and prepare myself for tomorrow's big field trip.

Yeah, that's right I said food for thought ... CROCHETED food!!
(talk about a diet high in fiber!  LOL)

When you visit the link you may be asked to download some language program ... just exit out of it and let your eyes feast on such the delightful images.  (the chocolates look to die for!)

                     Food for Thought ....


Anonymous said...

Doesn't seem like long ago you were sick!!!  Now again?  Get better!

That is too cool with the food!  I especially liked the coffee cup or hot chocolate mug.  And that white cake with the strawberries...Mmmmmm!!!!!  Makes me want to go out and get some strawberries, some CoolWhip and some SaraLee pound cake!  Yum!  Yum!!  YUM!!!


Anonymous said...

Sorry you're not well.  I don't know about crocheted food but you inspired me to take some new projects on and expand my stitich vocabulary this week.  Thanks!!!!!  Your admiring student LORI (although I'm stuck on the first project I chose YIKES).  See you Tuesday morning with a treat.