Tuesday, March 29, 2005

all I hope for it is that it helps inspire

I just finished helping hubby out of the house with my doily.  My tiny Irish Clones Lace doily, weighing less than a pound, just left in one HUGE box.  Actually in a "turbo fan" box; but you get the idea.

Thanks to two online crochet groups, I figured out how to frame the doily for the upcoming exhibit. (Thanks everyone!!)  Hubby is having it express shipped for me.  They'll have my doily in California tomorrow! Isn't he sweet?

For the doily, he also helped me frame it.  I purchased a large shadow box frame but thoughts about pushing a sewing needle through the cardboard seemed like it would be a painful experience to me.  I wasn't looking forward to that.

So, I requested hubby to strap on his tool belt and help me out.  While I drew on the back of the cardboard where I wanted the holes, he got out his drill.  Yep, in minutes flat he had every hole I needed zipped into the cardboard.  Then he vacuumed away all the shavings and it was ready for the doily to be added.  It took me about half an hour to sew it securely to the backing ... and did so painlessly.

So off it goes today.  Who knows, maybe it's the start of a great journey for that little doily.  Perhaps one day it will get to "see" more parts of the world than me!  Can you imagine!  LOL  ... all I hope for it is that it helps inspire others to give the technique a try.  J

If you are planning on attending the Crochet Guild of America's National Conference this July, then you may want to take a little side trip and visit the Lacis Museum to check out all the exhibits.  I understand that it's about a half-hour away from where the Conference will be held, and that there will be so many delicious items there! 

And don't forget ... this, yes I said THIS, THIS weekend is the REGIONAL Conference ... it's being held in King of Pershia, Pennsylvania.  I won't be attending, but if you're up for road trips, go, go, GO!!!!  You'll have a "marvelous time, darlink!"

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