Monday, March 7, 2005

I Like My Coffee the Way I Like my Yarn

Coffee.  It's such a staple of my diet.  I had decided that I would slowly wean it out and go back to the days when I could live without it.  But my husband said no, that I should keep it as it has long term health benefits.  OK, so I'm easily swayed.  The coffee stays.  So does chocolate if we're going to use his argument.

So what brings up the thoughts of coffee?  I like my coffee smooth; no bitterness.  No unpleasant surprises. (don't get me wrong, I like to spice my coffee up once and while, but for daily consumpsion, I like it smooth.)  And apparently, that's how I enjoy my yarn too.

I stayed up late last night watching Oprah's movie.  As I did, I stitched and stitched.  I covered an old container that once held hot chocolate, I think.  I used TLC's CaraMia and fell in love with it.

If memory serves me correctly, I received this skein of yarn in my goodie bag last year at the CGOA National Conference.  As I was putting items together for the Staff Development Day that I'll be teaching next week, I came across this yarn, and it said to me, "Crochet me!  Crochet me!"  So I did what any crocheter would do.  I dropped all chores, grabbed my hook and went to work.

What I created was a display crochet hook holder for myself using the freeform technique (again, in monotone).   It's complete with pockets so that I can slide hooks in that I wish to keep separate, or to showcase.   The important thing here, besides having completed the project in one night, is that this yarn is a dream to work with.  It's smooth, and soft as LB's Microspun, but it doesn't split nearly as much.  In the contents of the fiber is 13% angora, so you know that's where it gets it's softness from!  You can click here to visit Coats & Clarks website to see the color availability. 

The big question for me, now that I'm infatuated with this yarn and want to include it in my "yarn diet," is who's selling it locally?

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