Friday, March 11, 2005

Psssst! Gossip...

The big gossip here is that our local Michaels store will be closing. Should this rumor be true, this would be our second craft store closing it's doors within a year of each other. This would leave us JoAnn's and the Rag Shop, and IMHO I don't think that's enough to support the some 80,000 people that live in the Danbury area -- and that's not including the surrounding towns!

So I did what any good crocheter would do. I went to the AC Moore website and sent them an email inviting them to come to my area. I asked, "How much longer until you decide to put a store here?!"  I figure if those of us who like particular stores TELL them, then perhaps it will help them in their decision making process of where to build/open next.

And speaking more of AC Moore, of course it is currently snowing here (2"-4" in the forecast), so if I really wanted to shop and stock up on "the essentials" then I could drive the 20 miles one way and get some of that TLC Cara MIA yarn I recently fell in love with ... ah! who am I kidding!?  I'm going no where today ... I even opted to keep the kids home as the last storm really did a number on my back.  AC Moore, if you're listening/reading, I want your store LOCAL!!  I guess I'll contact them every couple of months until they respond one way or another.

Other hot gossip I'd like to share today is that I received my latest issue of Piecework magazine. I LOVE this magazine! Later today, with hot chocolate in hand, I'll be reading the article, "Amish Knitting and Crochet: Preserving Time-Honored Traditions." Just flipping through the pages and looking at the images is inspiring! Wow!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dee!  Does your magazine have a website?  I wonder if the article would be available online.  Very interested in it since my ancestors had ties to the Amish.

I wonder what is up with Michaels?  Our local one closed in January, but we have a chain of craft stores local to Cleveland which had much better prices than Michaels, so it stood to reason that the local Michael's wouldn't last long.  The store was only about 5 years old too.  Think it was built and opened in 2000.  I never even set foot in it.  LOL!

Good luck with the snow.  I'm soooo ready for Spring!!!  Sheila

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for posting about the interesting article in Piecework magazine.  I love that magazine, too, but haven't had an issue in several years!  I love the Amish way of life, in general, and would love to read that article.  I guess I'll have to go find my own issue!