Friday, March 4, 2005

Pillow Talk & Wishes

I've come to the conclusion that the pillows on my couch have their days numbered.  When you have children, the life span for such novelties tends to be short due to staining.  I plan on throwing the pillows into the wash to see if they can be redeemed, but I don't have much faith that they will.

Since there is nothing wrong, basically, with the pillows other than stains, I've decided that just as soon as time permits I'll crochet some pillow covers.  Wouldn't you know it, Lion Brand seems to have known that I was thinking of this.  So in their Newsletter today, they included this link for the most adorable lion and lamb pillows!!  I'm thinking that I need to make at least one lamb pillow to boast of my love affair with fiber!  LOL

While I'm being interviewed for an upcoming crochet book, I thought that you, my readers with blogs or journals of your own, might want to write what your answer would be to one of the questions:  If you were granted three wishes that could come true for crochet, what would they be?    If you opt to answer this question, feel free to leave the address to your blog in the comments section so everyone can visit you and read your answers.  J

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wish No. 1:  To be as skillful at crochet as Dee!
Wish No. 2:  To be as skillful at crochet as Dee!
Wish No. 3:  To be as skillful at crochet as Dee!