Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mini's Butterfly Flutters (Part II)

Last month I discussed the fluttering feeling of butterfly wings when inspiration hits. For me, it's an addictive feeling which is why, no matter how many pattern books I seem to add to my personal library, I mostly venture out with my own patterns/creations. And apparently, this trait  was also passed onto Mini-Dee. She, too, has no problem picking up a hook and letting the fiber, the hook, and her imagination run wild.  

Remember Mr. Dee's request for a CD carrier? I had stated that I had too much on the hook at the time and would need to either put his project on the back burner or to pass it on to Mini-Dee. When I presented the challenge to my daughter, she set right to work and had the entire project completed in time to give it to him as a Christmas gift -- he was thrilled!

She took my Treasure Bag pattern and altered it to come up with this beautiful CD Carrier you see pictured here. She added a long strap so he can wear it over his shoulder (similar to a purse), and added another little strap to securely hold the CD player within the bag while still allowing access to the buttons. Mr. Dee is quite proud (as am I) of her accomplishment, and he wears it around the house quite often. "Works like a charm," he said to her. Of course she's all grins knowing how happy she's made her daddy.

I love to watch her during those moments.  I observe how differently she holds the hook; how she controls her tension; her stitch rhythm; her facial expressions as the stitches are worked off the hook.  And when she catches me watching her she gets a twinkle in her eye and gives me a big smile.  I love those butterfly moments.  :)

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Anonymous said...

WOW!  Great carrier!  I'm very impressed with her work!

As for the butterfly moments - I enjoy reading about them :) !  To me, the best part of being around my niece when she was younger, was watching her learn something or show off something that she learned.