Monday, January 8, 2007

Question From Reader: Who Are the Artists?

Dear Dee,

The other day you mentioned the 2007 Freeform calendar -- do you know who the artists are?  It's hard to tell on the CafePress webpage, but I love it! 


Great question, and it's one I inquired about the other day, so I'm sure other folks would love to know who they all are too.  So here is the official list of contributing artists -- AND I'm including their websites in case you're interested in seeing other works by them!  Remember, funds raised from the purchase of the Calendar (or anything else from the International Freeform Arts CafePress shop) help support the Global Fund for Women.

Diane Olsen
Bonnie Pierce   

Joy Prescott     
Veronica Peck (Pinka)
Emmanuelle Behrmann
Samantha Stopple
Prudence Mapstone
Mette Buchreitz
Kathie Curington
**Claudia Dunitz
Leslie Nelle-Urinyi
Diane Raemisch
Pirkko Vega
Andrea Lyn Van Benschoten
Bonnie Prokopowicz
Nancilyn Kroushl
Margaret Hubert
Marjie Benson

A huge crochet salute goes to Claudia for putting the calendar together!! Awesome job, Claudia!!  :)
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