Monday, January 15, 2007

Celebrating Three Years!

Holy Flying Fibers! Today is my blog's three year anniversary!! That's really huge!

So, along with the contest -- which you still have time to enter! -- I decided to have my karma checked (I'm "loving"), and to get a magic make-over -- what fun that was.  Afterwards, feeling totally refreshed, I decided to read the contest entries already posted.  You know, I should place a warning that one should not attempt to drink coffee while reading them!  What a riot; I enjoyed reading them!!  If you haven't submitted your entry, don't delay!  It's free to participate and the three prizes to be awarded, although I've yet to reveal what they are, I think, are awesome!  

Three years old!  Three years of projects and events, and links to others I thought were interesting.  Three years of ups, downs, losses, and triumphs.  It's been an amazing journey thus far, and I'm looking forward to participating in, and sharing, more events.  I've already reserved my room for the National Crochet Conference, and started on various charity drives.  There will be Sheep & Wool festivals to enjoy, classes to attend; classes to teach.  Projects to start, and goodness! projects to finish!  Then there's the fiber diets and the hording from various sales ...

So, thank you for another fantastic year -- and as always, if there's a subject you'd like covered, or have a question needing an answer, please feel free to write in.  I always enjoy visitors!  :)

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! Fantastic three years bravo! I look forward to be living through you on this journey of crochet :) I cant make it to all the conferences and Im not able to go to festivals. So I will go through you and mini Dee:) Im excited to see what the year holds for us! Yipeee! Sherri