Sunday, January 28, 2007

When Did YOU Come Out of the Closet?

For years I crocheted, alone.  I didn't even know, not even the slightest hint!, that my best friend from childhood was a closet crocheter too -- not until the day I presented her with a soft mint-green crocheted afghan for her beautiful baby girl born in 1998. That was the day the door to my crocheting in the closet was cracked open.  It would take another three years for me to step through and publicly announce I was a full-fledged crocheter!

Now, here it is 2007, nearly ten years later, from when I first peeked through that closet door crack -- and I'm happy with all that I've accomplished, openly, since that time! Yes, I'm proud that I crochet, and I'm more than willing to march down a public road proclaiming it before the world!

I think there is something about the lure of only needing one tool to create those stitches. Plus there is that rebellious side to crochet that I love: the ability to change directions, dimensions, stitches, fiber, and hooks anywhere during the process that is so, well, liberating!  There's even the ability to break the tradional crochet rules without fear of majorly goofing up my project.  What's not to love about that feature?!?

So, with this in mind, sipping on my coffee this morning, I came across this cute little video clip that I thought was quite funny, titled "Wooly Bullies", and thought you might enjoy it too.  As you watch it, think of when YOU came out of the crocheters' closet ... and maybe share your story with me, and my readers.

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Anonymous said...

 I watched and loved the video. I must be a black sheep because Im a devoted crocheter:) Ive tried knitting but it is just way to slow for me. I can crochet faster than I knit:(  Oh well Ill stick to crocheting! Blessings, Sherri

Anonymous said...

It was quite interesting and clever -- but i still think that Crochet is the Best !!!  Shelley

Anonymous said...

LOL i learned to crochet when i was 10 at a girls club meeting, then i got in trouble for hog glueing a chair to the floor.. LOL but they only taught us how to chain and slip stitch. so i really kinda forget about it for a while until i was pregnant  with my second and completely board our of my mind visiting at my inlaws. so i picked it up again after stopping at a craft store and picking up a learn to crochet book. i learned how to knit after that. but i enjoy each craft  for their own virtues. i really don't understand the whole hater thing.  but i guess in answer to your question i was always out as a crochet queen, b/c that's how it all started. LOL the video is funny but i couldn't get the last part it stopped for me at the t-shirt part.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee, I learned (lol) to knit in the Girl Scouts when I was in elementary school.
I taught my self to crochet in 1995 during the Red Wings playoffs (it beat biting my nails at the time LOL).

I find crocheting more relaxing, and if I drop a stitch I know I won't have to FROG the whole thing to get back a couple of stitches.  Plus, I won't poke my eye out getting to close to my work! LOL

I found out from my dad that my grandmother was a crocheter and knitter. I knew she owned a yarn shop, but never knew about the crocheting.

Have a great day!