Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Burn baby burn! - Disco inferno"

This past Friday was a "school day" for me.  It started with volunteering to be the school's Librarian for the day.  As I awaited each class to visit, and after all my Librarian duties were done, I worked on crocheting another Chemo hat.  The children, who by now ALL know I always have my crochet with me, inquired what I was working on.  I enjoyed telling them of my latest project, and in fact, pointed out to the children most interested, in the craft books I had found in the library.  Both the third and fourth grades stated they can't wait for snow to come -- for when recess holds them inside.  They reason that this way "Mrs. Stanziano will be able to show us more stuff to do with yarn."

At school dismissal I was able to deliver the last of the three scarves I crocheted for various teachers as Christmas gifts.  I know what you're thinking;  Dee, Christmas was weeks ago!   (We need to keep in mind that my hook was flying back then with greatly needed charity projects, and then I had the tumor on my eye that thankfully turned out to be benign ...)  I had explained the situation to this Teacher and she was very understanding.  In fact, she was thrilled that my children had selected her to be one of the recipients, so she said the wait would be well worth it.  (Whew!)

The week prior I had started her scarf and, I had showed it to her while it was still on the hook.  Only, that wasn't the scarf I gave her.  I wasn't happy with it.  I ripped out all my stitches.  The scarf I had been designing for her was too cumbersome; too heavy.  It didn't reflect her personality -- it needed to be fun with a little sparkle to add pizzaz!  I stood in front of my stash and wondered, would the right fibers for this project speak to me?

The answer was Yes!  Two skeins, one of which was buried, chimed in together, "Pick me, pick me!"  I selected Lion Brand's "Microspun" in cream and a beautiful copper colored eyelash (label missing).  Holding the two together,I knew I had something special.  What resulted was an incredibly soft scarf with just the right amount of sparkle that matched the teacher's personality.  I gave the finished scarf to the teacher that afternoon and explained this story to her; she said she was touched that I went through such trouble for her.  She loved the scarf and has worn it every day since receiving it!

That same Friday evening I returned to the school to do volunteer Bingo duty.  Since my job was to "run the floor" and verify Bingo winners, I knew there would be a lot of down time.  So I stood in the front of the room, near the Bingo Caller, and began working on a hat that will be donated come next winter.  What I didn't know, because I was so wrapped up in counting my stitches, is that I had caught the eye of many Bingo players.

Many, during the breaks, approached me and inquired about the work on my hook.  It was amazing to me that it held their interest -- not even the huge jackpot, or the fire! (resulting from someone using a Styrofoam cup as an ashtray) dissuaded their interest in watching my hat forming on my crochet hook as I created each stitch.  At the end of the night many approached me again and thanked me for letting them watch my hook in motion.  "It was amazing how quickly you crocheted that hat," one lady said.  "It was like watching magic," another chimed in, "you came in with a piece of string and now you have a hat!" 

All I could do was smile and thank them for their compliments.  Looking back at that day, my hook was smokin' hot from all that crocheting!  :)

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Anonymous said...

Since learning to be comfortable with crocheting in public, I must say that I really enjoy it - not for compliments, but for just the conversation about crocheting itself.  I don't know how many have said, "I used to crochet", "I should start again", or "I've always wanted to learn".  I see more and more crochet classes being offered now too.  

Beautiful pics by the way!!!! :)

Love and hugs,