Saturday, January 6, 2007

Eye Needle to No Crochet?

I have been slowly recovering from unplanned (unscheduled?) eye surgery for the past two days, and this has meant no crocheting for me; I'm behind on my emails too.  Not because of sight issues, but more so from the swelling caused by the surgery making my eye too heavy to keep open for long periods of time.  Today the swelling has greatly gone down and I am looking forward to getting some crochet stitches done, and catching up on my emails. 

Prior to my eye trouble, I had received an email inquiring about a specialized crochet hook that had a "needle" at the end.  I inquired further if the "needle" was like an eye (no, this is not an eye pun!) of a sewing needle, or like the point of a knitting needle, as both varieties exist:

  • Specimen A: Crochet Hook with a Sewing Needle "Eye" (as shown on
  • Specimen B: Crochet Hook with a Knitting Needle Point (as shown on

    Thanks to Nancy Nehring who is a member of the CGOA's Hook Collectors online group, I was able to provide an answer.  It was Specimen B.
      "The cro-needle is used to circular knit/crochet/Tunisian crochet to do combinations such as working crocheted berry stitches (treble crochet clusters) in a knit ground, make cables without a cable needle, add openings in knit for pockets and button holes using Tunisian" bindoff.
  • Interesting enough, Vasthi found an article in an Interweave Knits magazine on this very topic!  She discusses it on her blog here.  Of course, this means I need to get my hands on that issue!  :)
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    Anonymous said...

    Eeeek! Eye Surgery? Anytime they mess with my eyes I get really paranoid. I'm glad you are feeling better!

    Anonymous said...

    So sorry to hear of your eye trouble and soooo glad you are feeling better!  Take it easy and try not to over do the catching up thing!  Hope to see you on Tuesday at KT.  Hugs - Haley