Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Call me Crazy

I'd like to thank all those who've commented & emailed me about yesterday's posting. I view my local yarn shops as more than a place of business; to me each one is it's own little community.  I felt similar to the way I do about the news of Knit Together's closing as I did when another local craft store, The Craft Basket, closed a few years ago, and then when Lee's Yarns closed over a year (or so) ago. I just need time to mourn the loss of another great fiber community.  I know I'll bounce back to my perky self in no time.  :)

In looking at the other side of my emotional range we find my "crazy" side all in a fluster.  It's all because my Aunt will be turning 80 years young, and I have been driving myself nuts in figuring out what to give her as a special gift.  Once I settled on a throw for her couch, I knew what stitch I wanted to use, and had the end product instantly pictured in my head.  The problem was in figuring out what fiber to use.

As I was in this quandary, Herrshners decided to email me about a special sale they had; I eyed their Caron Simply Soft Shadows (it's a dream to work up!) but wanted to see the color selections in person.  I knew Joanns has it online, so I thought I'd drive across town and go see -- only they didn't have one single skein in stock!  By the time I returned home, and back to the Herrshners website, they were completely sold out of every skein in every colorway!  Now what do I do?

I was itching to start the project so I decided to start by looking up the stitch online.  Many know it as the "diagonal" stitch, some call it the "crazy" stitch.  Seems fitting, doesn't it?  I found two links.  The first one I looked at was Sandi's over at  I then looked at Lauri B's instructions.  After a lot of thought, I decided to go with Lauri's as there will be no tell-tell starting chain when the project is complete because the work is created diagonally.  Now, with the project in mind, and the stitch ready to go, I still hadn't selected my fiber.  Do I have something in my stash that would do?  (Who looks to their stash first?  LOL)

I did.  I found a pretty chenille in a steel-blue color, grabbed my "F" Graydog hook (only available on ebay) and began the project.  Normally I'm not a fan of chenille because it tends to "worm" (meaning the stitches will undo themselves and twist into unsightly projectiles), but I haven't witnessed this chenille misbehaving like that -- yet.  I have about six hours into the project and am (insanely?) guessing I have another 74 to go.  Hey, I'm figuring I will need a Grand-looking border to make it specular, and that will take time to do!  {{grins}}

An 80-hour project for an 80 year young Aunt that is the best!  I think that's quite fitting!  I have until May -- that's plenty of time.    :)


Anonymous said...

 I love this stitch. I went crazy(haha) when I learned this stitch and made about 80 or so washcloths. I still have about 40 left after giving sets of them away for the holdiday. And I love the chenille yarn I just love the feel of it. I really never thought of making an afghan with it I might try that. Thanks! Blessings, Sherri

Anonymous said...

I've seen this stitch before, but haven't used it. I lost a lot of links when I lost my laptop, so I quickly added this one <g> I think your Aunt is going to love it!