Sunday, January 22, 2006

Today Shopping, Tomorrow back to Crochet?

What's the first thing you do when you start feeling better?  You go shopping while wearing your pajamas!

While I'm still focused on taking it easy, I parked myself earlier today at "Camp Couch" and enjoyed a wonderful online shopping spree.

My first visit was to -- I've heard of many good reviews about this "pay as you go" monthly subscription where I'll find "4 generous samples of the newest yarns available" in my mailbox, so I took the plunge.  I plan on sharing my goodies here, so stay tuned! 

My next visit was to to restart my subscription. Time got away from me and I forgot to renew, so I thought today was a good day to get the ball rolling again.  Hmmm.  This means another good thing to look for in the mail!

So while I was at it, I hopped on over to
bluedolphin to renew my subscription to Piecework and to order a subscription ofSpin Off again.  I really enjoy Piecework for all the various fiber arts they showcase -- including crochet!, and Spin Off will rekindle my interest in working with unspun fibers. 

So as long as I was thinking about it, I then hopped on over to magazinevalues where I renewed my subscription to Bead & Button, Hooked on Crochet, and Quick & Easy Crochet.  Oh, I really felt my spirits lifting!  Maybe being sick isn't such a bad thing, hmmmm?

Feeling a bit giddy, I then went to and found today is the last day for their $1 shipping (no minimum) deal they have going on.  I started perusing "new to me crochet" books and selected the "Crochet Answer Book" -- my plan is to donate it to my local Library come this March (National Crochet Month); picked out a book on Crocheted Leis, and a book on Felting.  I thought about the LED belt buckle they have featured, thinking I could spell out "Dee" with it and wear it to various events I attend, but that's borderline tacky if you ask me, so I passed on it and did a search for yarn.  I found some. Didn't order it, but was surprised that they offered it. 

Now I'm thinking "I'm gonna need a larger mail box!"  At any rate, I'm envisioning a lot of fun:

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Anonymous said...

Dee -It was a great class today. I can't remember how to get the magazine or what the name of it was. Thanks for all your help. Madeline