Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Positive Thoughts Wrapped in Stitches

I am currently working with my local Crochet Club to make chemo hats to donate to our local hospital for Valentines Day.  We're calling it "Hats from the Heart" and thus far I have three done.

For the most part, I am a(self-proclaimed)  positive person.  While it's true we've all had bumps in our road of life, I like to try and see the positive side.  And, with this attitude, I try to think positive thoughts as I crochet my projects -- be that they're for donation, or for a close friend or family.  These thoughts are always for "a brighter future."

I believe that when I do this my "positive vibes" will somehow rub off on the intended person.  Of course I don't have any scientific proof that it helps, but then again, how can it not?  Is this not why "Prayer Shawls" are so popular?

About two months ago I wrote about a fellow blogger who has a heart of gold and is battling cancer.  She ordered some chemo hats from me to aid in the fund raising efforts for the American Cancer Society that I started in the memories of my sister-in-law and aunt.  This blogger wrote to me how she needed a chemo hat and how others in her life also needed them.  How can you deny the tug of heart strings when you hear of someone in need?

I couldn't.  So in her order I included a "surprise" hat just for her in hopes it would bring her some happiness.  It did.  And wouldn't you know it, this woman, while in for treatment one day, took that very hat off her head and handed it to another to brighten another woman's day!   
She wrote about that moment in her blog and it touched many hearts.  So much so, another gold-hearted blogger ordered more Chemo Hats from me and requested I send them directly to this gold-hearted woman who is battling for her life.  I did; and again I included another hat just for her so that our combined positive thoughts would bring her the warmth she needs during her recovery.

She hasn't blogged for nearly a month now.  Her absence from the blogging world is deeply felt, but now we have a sigh of relief.  It seems her mother, sister and brother-in-law have stepped in to care for her as she recuperates.  We all await for her return to blogging, but more importantly, we all await for her return to being healthy!  To quote Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, "that the shadows bear the promise of a brighter coming day."

While I know it's impossible for me to crochet for every person in need, I do know it's possible that together we can reach out and send our positive thoughts wrapped in stitches.  So with February being the month to show love, why not challenge yourself to join me in crocheting (or knitting!) a Chemo hat or a prayer shawl and donate it to your local Cancer Treatment center -- and with each stitch being worked up, why not say a prayer or think positive thoughts.  Your warm act of kindness will mean the world to someone!

         Pamela, hang in there!  We're rooting you return to "a brighter coming day" soon! 

Click here for a Prayer Shawl Pattern, and for chemo hat patterns, visit my website, CrochetWithDee, or search the internet using words like "chemo hat knit" or "chemo hat crochet."

UPDATE Feb 5, 2006:  For those looking for updates on Pamela, join this Yahoo! group: updateonpam

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!  I was wondering about Pamela since I hadn't gotten any alerts from her, but it was one of those things where you know she is sick and you don't want to pry/bug her, knowing that when she does get online, it isn't for very long.  Thank you for letting us know a little about what is going on.  She's been heavily on my mind lately.  

I think your Chemo Hat campaign is a great one.  February is the month that we celebrated the birthdays of my uncle and Mamaw.  Unfortunately, we lost Mamaw just days before her birthday too.  As you know, both died from cancer.  Actually, the last week of February to the end of March is a tough time for our family.  Too many deaths.  Thankfully, we try to focus on the positive memories of the ones that died and thank God that our lives were blessed to have them in it.  More importantly, it reminds us to tell those we love here and now how much we appreciate our loved ones.  And Dee?  I love and appreciate you!  Hugs, Sheila